Power-One actively seeks out forward thinking individuals to orchestrate the innovative solutions of today and tomorrow. Outstanding leadership is found throughout our entire organization, keeping us on track with global trends and cutting-edge practices.

We encourage everyone to bring their very best to every encounter, whether in research, development or delivery. We are a culture of purposed innovation that is committed to recognizing and rewarding the talents of our employees. We provide a myriad of career opportunities that enable them to effectively contribute their expertise to the company’s vision, as well as learn from the strengths of the engineers and managers around them.

As a key member of the Power-One R&D team, I became the Engineering Director for Central Inverters and high power. In this new role I am responsible for defining the architecture and topology of high power inverters.” David M-
I appreciate the opportunities that Power-One has given me to lead teams in the design and development of new products.” Gordon H-